The smart remote control for PolyWorks|Inspector™ that boosts measurement efficiency on the shop floor

PolyWorks|DataLoop™ is the next-generation data management solution that allows enterprisewide sharing of 3D measurement data and results, contributing to the digital transformation of your organization. It provides a digital collaboration platform that facilitates teamwork by interconnecting all team members that capture or need access to 3D measurement information.

Robust 3D Measurement Data Management

PolyWorks|DataLoop is a scalable data management solution that allows you to optimally handle the vast amount of data produced by your 3D measurement activities by storing your inspection projects, their revisions, and 3D measurement data in a centralized database.

Store your valuable 3D measurement data on a modern replicated storage infrastructure and enjoy peace of mind.

Base your data vault on Microsoft’s proven SQL Server database and its extensive network of support and service partners.

Host the database on a single server located on premises or in the cloud, or deploy multiple servers with real-time data replication.

Automate the handling of all your project files and folders to eliminate manual operations that might corrupt the data.

Download and upload projects in a flash thanks to intelligent caching strategies and minimal data transfer techniques.

Reuse already-stored scanned data or CAD models when creating new projects without using additional disk space.


Data Access Made Easy

Find an inspection project by entering a part number. Retrieve the 3D measurement data of a defective piece from its serial number. It’s now that easy. The days where you had to browse for a file or folder on a local or network disk are now gone. Welcome to the new world of PolyWorks|DataLoop, where you search for meaningful content!


Index all your meaningful information

Identify the key pieces of information in your parts and processes and use custom properties to index them in the database.


Find projects and measured pieces easily

Find and open archived projects and measured pieces effortlessly by searching them based on indexed properties.


Accelerate your searches by filtering search results

Use our powerful filtering tools to narrow the search results and easily find the data you’re looking for.


Manage inspection project permissions

Control the access to your projects to protect templates from being overwritten or set up a restricted portal for external collaborators.

Digital Connectivity that Boosts Teamwork Efficiency

PolyWorks|DataLoop profoundly transforms the processes and human interactions of the teams that capture or need access to 3D measurement data, thanks to its multiplatform flexible digital framework and concurrent access capabilities that allow teams to review, edit, and measure one inspection project simultaneously.

Reach colleagues who do not have access to PolyWorks or are not in front of their computers in order to review 3D measurement data collaboratively.

Share with a colleague a clickable hyperlink that opens an inspection project in 3D from a specific point of view.

Collaborate with unlicensed users up to 5 times a year at no extra cost when investigating urgent manufacturing issues.

Review customizable dashboards and trend charts, and drill down within inspection projects while the team is still measuring.

Edit an inspection project with several colleagues, and be notified when an updated piece uploaded by a colleague is available.

Measure multiple pieces on multiple sites and upload the measured pieces in the same project at the same time.

Compliant with Your IT Team Requirements

PolyWorks|DataLoop offers all the functionalities that your IT team expects from a professional data management solution, to ensure a smooth integration within your enterprise processes.


Access 3D measurement data using network credentials

Implement Microsoft’s Active Directory service to quickly provide access to 3D measurement data to all networked users.


Backup your 3D measurement data efficiently

Safeguard your entire 3D measurement database all at once by backing it up to magnetic tape or an online storage service.


Benefit from SQL Server’s encryption and security

Protect sensitive data in your 3D measurement database using industry-standard encryption and security best practices.


Control the authentication policy

Enforce the same authentication policies used for your organization’s other data management solutions.

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